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31 Days of Prayer for the Coach’s Wife

For many of us, the busiest time of year is upon us. Our calendars are starting to look more like essays, filled with practices, games, church events, kids’ activities, work functions, and school requirements. And most likely, the responsibility to get everyone to everything (on time?) will be falling squarely, and solely, on your shoulders.

How are you feeling?


Me too.

I hate busy. But even when I try my best to simplify our schedules and say “no” to as much as possible, the fall always makes me feel like a chicken with my head cut off, fried, and salted.

And you know what the first thing to go is?

The thing that I know is the answer to the anxiety and chaos and pressures — the thing that would provide peace and calm amidst the insanity.

My time with my Father.

It never makes sense.

I like to muscle my way through the craziness under my own strength, where I inevitably end up in a muddy ditch sometime around October.

Why do I do this when I know this is a time to lean into Him, not away from Him? This is when I should be pressing into his truths, slowing down long enough to hear his whispers, instead of drowning myself in the anxieties of my everyday.

So for 31 days, each morning of August, I will be writing a prayer … one for patience, one for endurance, one for steadfastness, one for selflessness, etc. And I’d love for you to join me, as we pray for the season ahead.

To pray with me, enter your name and email address below. Each morning of August, you will receive a short prayer in your inbox. At the end of the month, I will compile all the prayers into an eBook that will be free for anyone who signs up now.

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I’d be honored to join with you as we cry out for God’s overwhelming presence these next few months.