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Amy Schafer has been a coach’s wife for almost 22 years. She never wanted to be defined as “the wife,” so for many years she fought against the ministry her husband was called into. God got ahold of her heart and they now serve as a family ministering to teens and their families. Having two teenagers, and a third child who wishes she was, they recognize the importance a coach has on shaping the identity of their player. Their life mission is to share the love of Christ in all they do, helping others find their identity in Him, including high school athletes.

Dear Athlete, As the Season Ends, Know This

The season ends and results are tallied. Maybe you have achieved your goals, maybe not. It is over, so now what? Were you who they expected you to be? Did you make yourself and others proud? The focus has already shifted toward the players for next season so did this one really matter? Yes, because YOU matter! You matter on and off the field.

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