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Author: Anne Rulo

Anne is an author, speaker, professional counselor, marriage and family therapist and veteran coaches wife. She and her husband Tim have two children and they have been a coaching family through a state championship run and very difficult losing seasons.  They are passionate about encouraging coaching families both in and out of season.

Common Misconceptions About Coaching, Coach’s Wives, and Coaching Families

Common Misconceptions About Coaching

Coaching is a funny world. It is such a public profession with intense public interest that it can’t help but carry some misconceptions and stereotypes. As coach’s wives, we navigate statements regularly that leave us saying, “Huh?” or scratching our (very tired) heads. So, we figured we would offer the truth rather than assume the …

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wedding vows for coaching couple wedding

When a Coach Gets Married, Here are What the Vows SHOULD Be

I, Mr. Coach, promise to:

Recognize that this woman is an actual superhero and treat her as such
When she is sad just hold her, don’t coach her
Make a valiant effort to not wait until the last minute to ask for something
Brag about her to my friends
Get her swag asap, especially at a new school
In a spare moment, keep the kids and send her out on her own
Remember that she is the one who is still there when the lights go out and the career is done
Love on my kids after wins AND losses
Consider that your career moves are her moves too
Find her before talking to the media
Recognize that I am a better coach because she is by my side

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