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Author: Anne Rulo

Anne is an author, speaker, professional counselor, marriage and family therapist and veteran coaches wife. She and her husband Tim have two children and they have been a coaching family through a state championship run and very difficult losing seasons.  They are passionate about encouraging coaching families both in and out of season.

All I Want for Christmas … Is to Not be a Coach’s Wife Anymore

You, my friend, are in the company of thousands of wives who have thought that very thing. It doesn’t mean you aren’t loyal. It doesn’t mean you aren’t supportive and it definitely, definitely does not mean you are a “bad” coach’s wife.

It means you are normal. And human. And loved … by the rest of us here in this strange little community of coaching.

It just means this life is really hard, so hard sometimes that the compassion in you wants to protect your little piece of the world from the crazy.

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