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I'm a mom, bonus mom, teacher, cheer coach, and coach wife. My husband coaches high school football and our blended family includes Deuce 18, Gloria, 16, Keegan 12, and Auburn 10.

hell hath no fury coach's wife mess with husband

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Coach’s Wife When You Mess with her Husband

Most of us know what we want to do: use that big love to defend and protect our coach!

But what does that look like? Should we call out those who are actually at fault? Tell the bleacher coaches they have no idea what they are talking about and to zip it? Highlight the inequalities? Underscore the unfairness?

Most of the time we are silent partners in this deal, but we have to ask ourselves: are there times when enough is enough?

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i married a black coach; this is my story

I Married a Black Coach; This is My Story

Sports have been said to be one of the world’s most level playing fields. Talent, drive, hard work, and performance supersede almost all else most of the time; at least where players are concerned. Yes, athletes are, generally speaking, judged mostly on their ability to execute and win games. But does this performance-based evaluation extend …

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Dear Coach, A Little Help Buying a Gift for Your Wife

In case you are eyeball deep in a playoff run, constantly scrolling Football Scoop, about to start coaching yet another sport, or already looking at next year’s prospects, let me remind you that it is already December. This means your amazing, remarkable, beautiful, intelligent, epic wife/fiance/girlfriend is soon to need some gifts that match her amazing-ness.

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