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Janie is in her 18th season as a coach’s wife. She and Coach live in small-town Texas somewhere between field goals & free throws with their two boys. She is a librarian and secondary English teacher by trade, a sports photographer and writer by trial (and error).

Won’t you be my neighbor?

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Friendship is complicated. Remember in elementary school when someone created a “playground club” and you weren’t included? Or remember knowing that you were responsible for leaving someone out? Remember in high school when jealousies and accomplishments began to affect your choices in friends and who you ran around with or didn’t invite? Then, college came …

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From the Coach's Kid's Mom—He's Waited a Lifetime for This. Please, Show Grace.

From the Coach’s Kid’s Mom—He’s Waited a Lifetime for This. Please, Show Grace.

They’ve eaten hundreds of meals from a concession stand or from a drive-thru after cheering for the boys of the communities they’ve been a part of, while their dad drives the team bus home.

They’ve eaten supper at the table alone with mom, while dad counseled or drove a player home because, in that moment, that player's needs were greater than their own.

My boys have grown up, waiting for the moment they could participate.

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