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Jill Petri lives in San Antonio and is the wife of a high school coach and the mom of three children. Her son is a senior in college and her twin nine-year-old girls are in the fourth grade. Jill works full-time as a sales coach, change leader and facilitator for a Texas-based financial institution.

With a degree in Journalism from Baylor University, Jill started her career as a reporter but has always been and remains a writer with the countless diaries and journals to prove it. Her blog is fourthpart.blogspot.com.

Along with taking care of her family and writing, Jill enjoys working out (yes, she really does), watching TV, reading, and planning and taking vacations.

After 2020, I’m So Grateful for a Full Calendar and Monotonous Schedule

When I put up the 2021 calendar, I craved the normal. I hopefully added remaining basketball games and projected track meet dates. In pencil, I wrote in gymnastics meets and volleyball games. I tentatively scribbled in some vacation possibilities with fingers crossed. I wanted our usual back and yet, I knew, I would eventually yearn for the unusual.

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