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Jordan acts as editor and founder of Friday Night Wives, which means she sits on her couch in her pajamas a lot. She accidentally became a coach's wife when her husband switched careers while she was pregnant with their second child, and the roller coaster hasn't stopped rolling since. Her favorite things include her husband and three munchkins, chocolate, worship music, and Amazon Prime. And, of course, this lovely spot on the internet.

young mom and coach's wife

To the Young Mama in the Middle of the Season

It’s the middle of the season. The excitement and novelty of a new season and new team has died down. We’re not yet to the playoffs when the whole town is vibrating with pride and bleeding school colors. District games are underway and tensions are high with so many must-win games up ahead. Your husband’s …

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moving family job decision placement

Unpopular Opinion: We Don’t Always Go Places Because God Led Us There

Just like our brother Jonah, we go places we're not supposed to go because we're human and want to do our own thing. Discernment and wisdom are of God, and when we feel anxious about a move, it can be fear of the unknown OR it can be divine insight.

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To the Wandering Wife: You Are Promised Deep Roots

But I feel like a wanderer in desert wastelands, finding no way to a city where I can settle. I feel hungry and thirsty, and I am crying out for God to lead my by a straight way to a city where we can settle. And I felt like God was whispering, "I GOT YOU. Take a deep breath. I hear you, and I know your desires. TRUST ME. I love you and I GOT YOU."

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