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You Will Never Be the Perfect Coach’s Wife

God equipped you with certain gifts, attributes, and skills to be your husband's wife, to balance him out, to meet his needs. He did not give you these gifts to impress anyone or one-up anyone or show off to anyone, but to serve others well in His name.    And maybe that means dressing up for  ...

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31 Days of Prayer for the Coach’s Wife

For many of us, the busiest time of year is upon us. Our calendars are starting to look more like essays, filled with practices, games, church events, kids’ activities, work functions, and school requirements. And most likely, the responsibility to get everyone to everything (on time?)  ...

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5 Reasons Small Town Football is Awesome

When my husband first got a coaching job in a one-high-school-town I was a bit … unenthused. A small town? What will we DO? Where will we EAT? How will I hide when I go to the grocery store in my pajamas? But it didn’t take long to fall in love. When an offer came a couple years  ...

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Dear Husband, You’re Worth It

So I will take the hard because it means we haven’t given up; we’re still in the fight, still hanging on. It’s what gives us depth and makes the good times feel so good, the peaks feel so dang high. I’ll take it because I know whatever follows it will be worth it. Because you, my love, will  ...

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Dear Coach Daddy

Dear Coach Daddy, I know you worry about me. I know you wonder if you’re doing alright at this Dad thing, if you’re gone too much, if you’re striking the perfect balance between work and family. But I just want to tell you something, Daddy. I love that you’re my dad. I  ...

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Dear Husband, Our Love Has Changed

This love is not always exciting. It’s not always easy. It’s not always eager. It’s never effortless. But maybe focusing on what it isn’t, is missing the point. Because maybe what it IS, is better than all of those things. It’s refining. It’s sanctifying. It’s life-altering and  ...

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