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Katie is a football coach's wife from San Antonio and has three kids, ages 9, 5 and 3. She works for a tax firm full-time and writes as a monthly contributor for Alamo City Moms Blog (http://alamocity.citymomsblog.com/author/katiek/). You can find her on social media at Instagram and Twitter as @cloverkatiek.

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Save Your “No” For When It Matters

My husband began his career as a large high school’s Athletic Trainer and now serves as a middle school Athletic Coordinator. The high school in his cluster has many responsibilities given to their middle school coaches, including scouting trips, sideline responsibilities, game filming and more. This year has been particularly challenging as the district opted …

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The Motto That Saves My Sanity (and My Marriage) During Season

This week when I contemplated that phrase again, I realized that it comes with a great deal of freedom too. The things that are “up to me” may mean that I am going to have to complete more tasks solo, but you know what else? It is also up to me to be the one who says which things are worthy of doing.

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