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Lauren is a veteran coach's wife. This will be her 10th season with her husband, Chandler. In their 10 seasons, they've moved to 5 different cities, and have been at 6 schools, including an SEC school, NAIA, D2, and high school. They have a two year old little boy, Camp, and are currently living in Huntsville, AL. She recently started a blog that highlights her love for cooking and football. Being a coach's wife isn't for the faint of heart, but it's been a blessing to her life. The women she's met and relationships she's had with past players, coaches, and their families are irreplaceable!

The Football Field Has Saved Me

It’s here I’ve grieved the loss of a best friend and fellow football coach.

It’s here I’ve watched teams rally together and beat teams they had no business beating. I watched them show heart and courage that inspires me to be better.

It’s here I’ve celebrated being engaged.

It’s here I've gotten my first look at wedding photos in an unexpected email.

It’s here I’ve learned how to cook from my tribe of coaches wives.

It’s here I’ve cried on the shoulders of friends, family, my tribe, and coach friends for the loss of my grandparents.

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