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Rebecca Egger is a portrait photographer.  She has self-published two books, Beasts Get Scared Too and Cast Iron Families, and has photographed zero famous people, but hundreds of folks who matter deeply to someone. She likes to fancy herself a runner and a reader, though she takes neither too seriously. Since she’s over 30 now, she’s gotten into both NPR and podcasts, and will likely start listening to audiobooks soon, as one does. She's married to a coach, duh, and they have three spunky daughters: Charlotte, Georgia, and Birdie.

Coach’s Wife, You Have Eyes on You Because of Who You Married—Lead With Love

What does this kinda-famous-by-proxy leadership mean during a pandemic…in an election year…in a time when civil rights and racial injustices are major societal players as well? Oh, and the hardships and heartaches unique to each community in typical circumstances—those haven’t gone away either.

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