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Author: Samantha Kinman

Samantha is a social worker living in Louisville, KY. She and her husband have been married for 11 years and have 2 dogs (Rocky - a Beagle and Luna - a Whippet/Jack Russell mix). Her husband has been coaching football the entire time she's known him, and has coached at the youth, middle school, and semi-professional level. He is currently coaching for a high school in their local public school system. He's a lifer and she's happy to be with him for the ride.

We are a Childfree Coaching Family

For this reason, I do feel that I often have difficulty connecting with other coaches' wives who lament about traveling to games solo with children, getting up during the night to care for children, worrying about their children finishing their homework, making it to their own extracurricular activities, the list goes on. We all struggle, but the struggles look different and sometimes I feel there is an unbreakable barrier between us.

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