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As a wife of a football coach and mom of 5, God has blessed Sarah with the burden, passion and love for connecting women in sports to Jesus. She began working for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes in 2003 serving coaches, athletes, and coaches spouses through speaking, writing, chapels and building relationships. In her time with FCA she has served as a University of Oklahoma chaplain and currently serves as OKC Thunder Wives chaplain, FCA area director for Atlanta/Fayette County, and FCA female staff development. Sarah is the author of three devotion books for the female athlete and Coach’s spouse. In 2020, Sarah and her husband will be hosting the Huddle Up podcast, sharing God’s story, their stories, and other sports families stories.

The Coaches' Wives Top Ten

Whatever conversation others may have with me in hopes I will share with my husband, will NEVER get to him! The coach’s spouse is often treated like a side door into the coach’s office. No, we don’t know what our husband is going to do about playing time. No, I don’t know our husband is going to handle your child missing practice. No, I don’t know why freshmen are playing more than the upperclassmen.

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