Gracie & Gretchen LLC

Gracie & Gretchen LLC

Gracie & Gretchen LLC is a company dedicated to reviving the art of hosting. We want to help YOU by providing inspiration, decorating tips & tricks, menu ideas, and how to's for all the hosting we do as coaches' wives!

Let us help you bring confidence back to your hosting skills! 

What We Do

- Host seminars
-Plan large events
-Consult and source materials for small events
-Design tablescapes
-Bring creative ideas, inspiration, & recommendations
-Create predesigned party packages with a list & links of everything you need for the perfect party
- Create unique ways to showcase small business products or services



Contact Us for a Custom Coach's Wife Hosting Seminar!

We can help you plan a personalized party, fundraiser, banquet, or event! In this seminar, we can create a custom menu, cocktail/mocktail ideas, customized decor and design ideas for the group (i.e. school colors and materials), walk through do’s and don’ts/tips and tricks for hosting, open up Q&As, and then send the whole group an organized “online package” of all the material discussed: recipes, links, playlists, etc. This would be an in depth, interactive event that is paired with a customized party planning package.


Check out our blog and instagram for free hosting inspiration!

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Meet the Owners: Gretchen Yeager and Gracie Buro

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