Football Brings Me Closer to Jesus

Football Brings Me Closer to Jesus

I spend much of the spring and early summer with my coach. We’re both educators, so we have basically the same school hour schedule in the spring (plus a few football workouts a week for him); and we have most of the summer off together. We get in a lot of family time. We share parenting responsibilities and chores equally. I look to him to entertain me and provide me comfort in his presence.

Fast forward to August and he is gone. Almost completely absent. I have no more help.

I do all of the chores.

I don’t have time for entertainment.

These tiny humans are looking to me for dinner, baths and bedtime. It’s hard.

But when my coach steps out of the picture, Jesus steps in. Every. Single. Season.

Time and time again, when I have strayed away, He is there when I need him most. And oh how I need him when I am up to my ears in chicken nuggets, overflowed bubble baths, and homework.

He is there when I get frustrated with Coach because Coach just doesn’t understand what it’s like to do it all alone. Let’s be honest, he may have 60 plus teenagers and a staff of other coaches relying on him; but that’s NOTHING compared to wrangling children who look and ACT like him!

God put you here. He sent you a coach companion. He makes no mistake. If we are lucky, we discover why God chose this life for us. For me, he knew I’d put my faith in the flesh (spring-summer) and that I would need to have my focus readjusted (fall).

One day, I hope to be an obedient child of God and not lose focus. For now, though, God is faithful. When my husband leaves, He is still there. Often, He is how I survive the long days and lonely nights waiting on a coach.

“Seek the Lord and His strength; Seek His face evermore!” I Chronicles 16:11.

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