Even When Coach is Gone All the Time, I am Not Alone and I am Not Forgotten

Even When Coach is Gone All the Time, I am Not Alone and I am Not Forgotten

It’s his first season as the head women’s high school basketball coach. We’ve already been through some up and down football seasons but never like this, when the weight is placed completely on Coach’s shoulders. This is not the way I pictured our first season to go. I’m sure he had an idea of what was coming. But, not me. Not to him. Not like this.

0-6. There. I said it. I wasn’t prepared. I wasn’t prepared to be picking him up this early in the season. Now, don’t get me wrong, I didn’t expect to be 6-0 either. But. I wasn’t ready to be putting in so much effort this early. I’ve got enough on my plate dealing with our newest lifestyle change; I don't have time for this, too.

But he’s been with me through it all.

The good.

The bad. 

The somewhere in the middle place, where life is hard, but not necessarily in a bad way. That holy space in between.

No, I'm not talking about Coach. Well, he's been there with me through it all, too.

But I'm talking about One much higher. Much stronger. Much more powerful.

In trying to scrap up their first win, there were sooooo many long nights of stress, of games, of practices, trying to get a little closer to the goal. Sometimes, even sacrificing his “home team” for more scouting, more film, more scheming. Something. Anything to get over the hump.

It was easy to be mad at him. It was easy to take it out on him. It was easy to be resentful. It was easy to lose sight of what I wanted to strive for every day, when in fact, it should have been more obvious: to work and be closer to God. Because without Him, and without me, WE can’t be strong.

Flash forward two weeks, and now we are back on track. We have a few “big” wins under our belt (let’s face it, any win is a “big” win when it gets like it was) … and things are rolling much more smoothly.

It’s easy to forget the lows when things are working in your favor. It’s easy to lose sight of His glory in the hustle and bustle of homework, practices, microwaveable or concession stand dinners, late night games, and bedtime routines.

Again, it requires some reflection into what got us to this place to begin with … believing, trusting, loving, praying. But, without being present, we might miss the signs, the opportunities to seek Him and praise Him and give Him glory for all we have been gifted.

Never had I dreamt that I would be where I am today. Four beautiful girls, healthy, happy. I didn’t know I was capable of becoming a screaming coach’s wife. But here we are.

Here’s to the hills, the valleys, and the beautiful, but sometimes crazy hard, cruise in between. May I never stray from what is most beautiful and holy. May I seek Him in everything I do and everyone I see. May they see The Light in me.

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