A Prayer for the Wife Who is Moving

A Prayer for the Wife Who is Moving

Well, Lord, here we are. Moving.
Moving is hard. It is hard emotionally, hard mentally, and certainly hard physically.
And, if we’re honest Lord, it can even be hard spiritually as we try to trust You in whatever lies ahead. Because moving can stretch us so much Lord, we want to offer a prayer. A prayer specific to coaching families, and to us as coaches' wives. Please meet us in these needs Lord.

As we move Lord, would you…

  • Bless the next place. Go before us and prepare the soil of the next school, the next administration, and the next community. Help us to trust that You are already there, preparing to fill our needs even before we arrive.
  • Bless our current place. Help us to remain present in our current circumstances until we pull out of our driveway for the final time. We have work to do wherever we are, even in the place we are leaving.
  • Bless our marriage. Help us to remain connected as a couple as this transition happens. We will spend days, if not weeks, apart as we live between circumstances. We will be faced with unusual stressors. We will be tired when we need energy. Help us to love each other well.
  • Bless our goodbyes. Help us to say goodbye well, thanking the people who were our strength and support in this place. May we honor the people you gave us rather than moving our hearts too quickly to the next place.
  • Bless our hellos. Help us say hello well as we seek out the friendships and connections you have prepared for us at the next place. Make us brave, Lord. Making new friends can be hard. Bring us kind people.
  • Bless our children. Take care of their many needs. Comfort them as they leave their friends and prepare the friendships they will have in the next place. Help us be patient with them as they adjust. Give them great teachers next year. Remind us that You love them more than we ever could. We can trust You.
  • Bless the packing. It can be so overwhelming to think about putting everything in boxes, hoping it gets there safely, paying for a move, etc. May we be blessed with help, energy, and finances as needed. Help us with the unpacking once we arrive.
  • Bless our home(s). Lord, we may need to sell a home, and we certainly need to find one. Please bless our home search and our home selling. May we benefit financially from however this works out.
  • Bless our transition. As we enter this new school, I pray that we would be trusted. I pray you would pave the way for assistants and other sport coaches to work together well. I pray for early favor to smooth the transition.
  • Bless our players. They are why we do this Lord. They are our mission field. They are the reason we are willing to move and the reason we ache when we do. There are kids everywhere Lord, and we are about to get a bunch of new ones. Break our hearts for them and pave the way for us to impact their lives.
Yes, we are moving Lord, but You are already there, just as You are here. It is such a comfort that we cannot escape the cover of Your love, no matter how far we move.
We are full of needs for all the things we listed above, and yet we know, all we truly need is You.
Strengthen us and give us peace. Make this the best move we’ve ever experienced.
You knew we would move. You knew we would live this crazy life. You knew the man and the marriage we would choose.
Help us to see Your fingerprints on every part of this.
Move in us and move with us. We love You Lord.
PS - I wanted to include a shoutout to our own Beth Walker who has published a free “Ultimate Moving Guide” as well as a devotional available on Amazon “31 Days of Praying for Your Children During a Move” (link to both here).

Anne Rulo

Anne is an author, speaker, professional counselor, marriage and family therapist and veteran coaches wife. She and her husband Tim have two children and they have been a coaching family through a state championship run and very difficult losing seasons. They are passionate about encouraging coaching families both in and out of season.
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