The Ultimate List of Team Treat Bag Sayings

The Ultimate List of Team Treat Bag Sayings

This past weekend, I purchased a Sam’s Club membership. My husband didn't think we needed the membership (even though he found plenty of things he wanted to toss in the cart!)
Then we got to the snack aisle, he turned and looked at me and said, “When are you going to make treat bags for the boys again?”
And that's when the Sam's Club membership finally made sense.
If you're like me and you love spoiling your athletes with fun treats before the game, you may have also occasionally stared at a blank computer screen trying to come up with a cute saying.
Rather than stress-waste-time getting distracted on Pinterest, I've compiled a list of sayings that go with just about every type of treat you can send with your team.

Here is a list of over 30 different sayings you can use to make cutesy treat bags for your team! 

  1. Power Through (Other Team’s Mascot) - Powerade Bottles

2. Chow Down on (Other Team’s Mascot) - Chow Mix
3. Rolo-Over (Other Team’s Mascot) - Rolos
4. Don’t Give Them a Break - KitKat
5. A Cookie a Day Keeps The (Other Team’s Mascot) Away - Cookies
6. Donut Let Them Score - Donuts or Donut Holes
7. It’s Crunch Time! - Crunch bars
8. Send Them Home Seeing Stars - Starburst
9. Taste the Victory Rainbow - Skittles
10. Roll Past the (Other Team’s Mascot) - Swiss Cake Rolls
11. Chew Up the (Other Team's Mascot) - Fruit Chews
12. Pound the (Other Team’s Mascot) - slices of Pound Cake
13. Burst Your Way to Victory - Starburst
14. Power Past the Competition - Power Bars
15. No Kind Like Our Kind - Kind Bars
16. Chew up the Competition - Chewy Granola Bars
17. Twist Them Up In Knots - Pretzels
18. Walk The Victory Trail - Trail Mix
19. You're All That and a Bag of Chips - Chips
20. Blow Away the Competition - Blow Pops/Gum
21. You Were Mint to Play This Game - Mints
22. Watching You Play Brings Me Mounds of Joy - Mounds or Almond Joy
23. Be a Nerd, Play Smart - Nerds
24. You're an Important Piece of the Team - Reese's Pieces
25. Blow the Competition to Pieces - Blow Pops and Reese's Pieces
26. You’ve Got The Power - Power Bars
27. Quench Your Thirst for Victory - Any Drink
28. PUSH yourself to be the best - Push Pop
29. Chew Em Up & Spit Em Out - Seeds 
30. Let’s SKOR A Lot! - Skor bars
31. Play Hard, SKOR Big! - Skor bar
32. I’m Nuts about Cheering for You! - Nuts
33. The Difference between the ordinary and the EXTRAordinary is You! - Extra Gum
34. Remember your training and be a SMARTIE, not a DUM-DUM - Smarties/Dum Dums
35. You're going to ROCK out there - Pop Rocks
36. We are BEAR-Y proud of you - Gummy Bears/Teddy Grahams
37. Pop the (Other Team) - Popcorn/Coke (pop ... for you, Northerners)
38. We're ROOTing for you - Root Beer
39. Knock their Socks Off - New Socks
40. On a Trail to Victory - Trail Mix
41. We wanted to TAKE 5 and tell you how awesome you are - Take Five
42. CRUSH the (Other Team's Mascot) - Crush Orange Drink
43. You're on a ROLL. Keep it up. - Tootsie Rolls
44. Defense, Offense, Teamwork, Selflessness ... That's how you win a game! - DOTS
45. No Matter what, This Team Stix Together - Pixie Stix
46. Bring the Heat - Anything Spicy (Hot Tamales, Hot Cheet-Ohs, Takis, etc.)
47. You're on FIRE! - Fire Jolly Ranchers
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Want to Say Thanks To Your Ats?

48. Our Lucky Charm for Every Snap, Crackle, and Pop! - Rice Krispie Treats for the ATs
49. Avo-got-to say this AT team is on a roll! —avocado-shaped card: Include Rolo candy, tootsie roll, gummy roll, fruit roll-up, fruit by the foot, rolled Twizzler, etc.
50. Avo-got-to say this AT team GUACS!! —avocado shaped card —single-serve guac, chips, drink
51. Let’s Taco bout this awesome AT Team —Paper taco with saying on it —Green crinkle shred paper or cotton candy in the bottom of taco —fruit hard candy and other candies on top
52. Let’s Taki bout our great AT —Taki bags with sport chocolate candy bag attached
53. Nacho average AT team —Doritos or tortilla chip bags with sport chocolate candy bag attached
Is there anything missing? We'll keep adding to this list with new ideas you send our way!

Stephanie Windon

A former football coach’s daughter turned coach’s wife, Stephanie can be found chasing after her son, Gunner under the Friday Night Lights while cheering for the Colquitt County Packers. She enjoys Venti Iced Caramel Macchiatos, singing Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer, and shopping on Amazon.
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