TWO MINUTE DRILL: Brittney Harrell

TWO MINUTE DRILL: Brittney Harrell

This week, meet my sister-in-law, Brittney Harrell!

I met Brittney a decade ago, when we were young and wild and kid-free, and she quickly became one of my favorite humans. I've watched her navigate secondary infertility and transition after transition with the utmost faith, kindness, and joy.

She’s married to Graham Harrell (my coach husband's brother) who is currently the Offensive Coordinator at USC, mama to five-year-old Hawk, and adoptive mama to a special sweet one soon (or at least that's our prayer).

In this super fast “Two Minute Drill” she shares a favorite devotional, some sage advice for newbies, her game day must have (not what you’d expect), and a lot of laughs. She’s one of my favorite people and someone you should definitely get to know … or at least on Instagram. (

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Jordan Harrell

Jordan acts as editor and founder of Friday Night Wives, which means she sits on her couch in her pajamas a lot. She accidentally became a coach's wife when her husband switched careers while she was pregnant with their second child, and the roller coaster hasn't stopped rolling since.
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