As Football Season Begins—We Pray for the Bigger Story

As Football Season Begins—We Pray for the Bigger Story

Generally, our coach’s pride, our communities’ expectations, our athletes’ hopes, and dreams ride on our wins and losses during our season.
As we scrimmage and enter our non-conference/non-district games, we want to emerge healthy, tested, and ready to compete. The drama of the season unfolding ramps up to exuberant highs and crushing disappointments. It is important to us.
However, just as the Texas sun-splashed against the horizon leaving all her glory on the field, I thought of Afghanistan, and Haiti, and Ida, and the other places in our world where hurt permeates everywhere. In the middle of our scrimmage, the hurt for others pierced a sky only God could create and made me pause.
While I am deeply grateful, we live in a place where our children can still “play”—oblivious at least for a few hours of the danger other communities face—grief and conviction grabbed me. The weight of a good or bad tackle, of a good route, of a well-executed block, or a busted play just doesn’t compare. I am positive there are thousands of coaches’ wives everywhere whose hearts broke the very same way.

And so we pray.

We pray for our armed services whose sacrifices mere words fall short of describing, for the people of Afghanistan, for the souls in Haiti, for the doctors and nurses who just keep fighting all around the world.
Whatever we have lost, let’s gather in one accord to win the next play even if the victory is found in the whisper of our prayers.
Romans 12:12 “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”

Lisa Witcher

A retired educator, Lisa loves writing and chasing her husband's football coaching dreams (currently in the great state of Texas. Together they have raised 2 fabulous children, been a part of 6 state championship teams, and enjoy calling many former players, friends. When she is not watching high school athletics, you can find her and her favorite over-grown eighth-grader at a Yankee baseball game. #golighttheworld
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