Favorite Grocery Stores:

Fresno has a great Trader Joe’s (two locations), a Super Walmart and Target, great Farmer’s Markets. Plus Costco and Sam’s Clubs.

Favorite Restaurants/Local Eatery

Casual: Mad Duck, Yard House, Pismo’s, Westwoods BBQ, Dog House BBQ
Date Nights: Maxes, Annex, Vino and Friends, Five, Campagnia, Ruth’s Chris, Fleming’s

Luna’s for Italian

House of JuJu for burgers

Pismos for seafood, 

Westwood’s for bbq 

Best local resource to learn about area (Apps, websites, private social media groups)

For moms, two great Facebook groups to join are: Fresno Mommy Talk and Fresno Mamas

Clovis Moms & 559 local eats on Facebook

Favorite Shopping


How do people find churches in your area? / Any recommendations?


Two I would recommend would be Northpointe (smaller) and Peoples (bigger).

Popular Kids Resources

Church camps, youth sports, and outdoor activities like shooting, riding horses, and motor sports are popular. We have lakes very close by for boating.

Preschool Recommendations

All schools- Clovis Unified. Clovis Unified is one of the most desirable areas.

Doctor/Dentist Recommendations

Powel Dentistry and Chestnut Pediatrics

Good Internet Companies


Tell Us Something Only a Local Will Know:

Fresno is a little-big town. Everyone knows someone. It’s a place that has generations of families, people leave and usually come back to raise a family. We have great Farmers Markets on weekdays and weekends, Fresno State football games are a must in the fall (grab drinks/food at Dog House before – do the same for concerts!). During the summer, lake trips are just 30-45 minutes away.

During the winter, snow and boarding are about 45 to an hour away. We’re in the heart of California, so it’s three hours to LA or SF. Fresnans love events and a good time, however, we’re the most last-minute registrars so keep that in mind when you’re planning your fundraisers. Our professional ballpark and Zoo is located in Downtown Fresno, the oldest area of Fresno, the Tower District area has an artistic vibe, while the Clovis area is home to our Rodeo.

Extremely competitive housing market. Great place to raise kids- drive to the beach or Yosemite and back in the same day. Our airport is pretty useless, expect to often drive to LA or the bay to save on flights. Coaches are fired swiftly and without cause here often and the parents are difficult 90%.