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Dear High School Athlete, Thank You

Dear  High School Athlete, I’m sure, by now, you realize what it takes to be an athlete. You’ve spent countless hours in the weight room, on the field (or court), and in the classroom. You have formed relationships with your teammates and coaches. You realize that you have good days and bad days and still continue to push through.

But one thing you may not fully realize is the impact and role that you play to the little ones looking up to you.

Think back. Not too long ago, you were there, in their shoes, looking up to the “big guys.”

You are their inspiration. They want to grow up to be big like you and they want to grow up to be strong like you. They light up when they see you. They talk to their friends about you. They show up to your games and support you.

Whether it is the coaches’ kids or the ones who just show up to your game days. They may get mixed in the crowd, but please remember, little eyes are always watching, admiring, and dreaming to one day be just like you.

So, as you enter this season, be wise with your actions.

Be careful with your words.

Be a good teammate.

Encourage one another.

Accept your responsibilities.

Acknowledge your mistakes.

Be a leader. Respect one another. Be humble. Be gracious. Be the person you once admired.

As someone who has seen it first hand in my home, thank you for being a positive role model for my children. We appreciate you and we love watching you become the athlete that you worked so hard to be.

Wishing each of you an exciting, healthy, and rewarding season!

Forever your fan,
The Coach’s Wife