Finding Joy in the Season

Finding Joy in the Season

Sometimes joy comes freely in season. Big wins, heartfelt moments between coach and his players, and those few games where the weather is just right are awesome. These moments make you wonder if heaven has high school sports.

The biggest joy of all comes when you see your coach engaged in meaningful, imperative moments with his players. You know what he is doing makes a difference, a big difference, in so many kids’ lives. But sometimes…it stings.

After really combing through the various emotions of being a coach’s wife, I frequently find myself dealing with jealousy. Jealousy of quality time spent with other coaches and players, and little being left for me at the end of the day.

I’m jealous of the job that gives him so much gratification whereas mine giving so little. Jealousy creeps up when I’m around other wives who seem to have it all together. And I also battle the resentment that he does not have to hear people talk about me the way I hear parents talk about him in the bleachers.

Jealousy is an ugly part of human nature, and it robs us of joy.

It is not easy or flattering to admit this. I don’t want to have the barrier of jealousy between people I love and care for so much. But I also realize I’m not the only one who battles the green-eyed monster from time to time.

We must examine ourselves, coaches’ wives, and dig up the unpleasantness that inevitably lies beneath the surface. Being a wife in season is not easy! But I’ve learned that when I identify and uproot the cause of my pain and frustration, I can plant seeds (or should I say turf beads?) of joy.

Seeds of joy come in so many forms, my friends. Sow seeds of joy in the love you have for the community you are in. Create meaningful relationships with those around you who can uplift you. Weave joy into your bond with the players- invest in them.

When I adamantly pursued knowing and understanding each athlete’s life that my husband coaches, my joy in the games they played became even greater. Manifest joy at the moment. Cheer for the team even when the outcome does not look so good and involve yourself as fully as you can. Whether we can attend one or all games, we can be masters of implementing joy in our lives as well as others.

Every season brings its highs and lows. Planting seeds of any kind can promise a wonderful harvest, but not without tilling, pruning, and a few other unpleasantries. However, what an incredible calling and opportunity of joy we have been given to be called Mrs. Coach. I cannot wait to find joy with you this season!