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Free Coaching App Simplifies Team Communication

Coaching high school teams can be hectic as well as exhausting with a lot of moving pieces. And as a coach, time management has its challenges when fitting in team meals, meetings, film sessions, scouting, practices, games as well as family life. As the wife of a coach, you understand these challenges as well.

You can make these things more organized and easier to manage, for both the coach and yourself, with the free sportsYou team communications app.

The sportsYou app is used by coaches and administrators throughout Texas high school for all sports.

These are some of the leading reasons to use sportsYou:

  • communicate seamlessly with all team/group members with NO character limits
  • create as many teams and groups as you would like across varsity, junior varsity, freshman and club levels
  • keep everyone updated on practices, games and events using the sportsYou calendar
  • share photos and videos with all members to capture memories
  • bring numerous benefits to all stakeholders with the FREE sportsYou app/website

sportsYou app is Free to use

A free communication app, sportsYou is created specifically for the needs of coaches. It gives coaches the ability to privately communicate, schedule and share media with their team. With no character limits and the ability to send one-way messages, sportsYou is the most versatile communication app for coaches to use with their team.

Whether on your phone or computer, in minutes you can set up as many teams as you want on sportsYou. Coaches can create private teams or groups for the varsity, junior varsity, and freshmen programs. Coaches can also take it a step further to share specific information to only your defense, offense, special teams and so on. With this type of reach you can now oversee all teams while instilling a culture for years to come.

What Texas Coaches Say about sportsYou:

Rodney Webb, the varsity football coach at Rockwall High School and president of the Texas High School Coaches Association, has this to say: “I used sportsYou to communicate with and manage my team this season. The benefits were that everyone was on the same page, communications were easier and better than ever, and everyone saved significant time. I highly recommend that all coaches and sports organizations use the sportsYou app and website. In addition, it is easy-to-use and free.”

In addition to easy-to-use instant messaging, sportsYou allows coaches to display a calendar for their athletes and family members to see games, practices and other events. No more questions and confusion on schedules as everyone knows date, time, location – and gets notifications on changes immediately through sportsYou. Any last second changes can be quickly altered so everybody is kept in the loop.

Using sportsYou provides coaches with the unique ability to increase accountability. As an administrator of the team, you can see who has viewed your posts and who has not. You can also set calendar reminders so that team members are notified in advance of events. These features help coaches emphasize the importance of responsibility.

Stephanie Bartkus, who coaches soccer, basketball, and lacrosse at Seaford High School (NY), said:

“As a coach in three seasons, using the SportsYou app has made my life so much easier. I love being able to change or add to my calendar and have the players see an alert. It’s also great to have it communicated to me when someone will be late or if they have a question without me having to give out my phone number. This is so much more efficient than using Remind and constantly reprinting a calendar!”

You have the ability to share media throughout the season. Photographers as well as family members at the game can instantly share photos and videos with the team. Players and family members can save these special memories for the rest of their life.

Feel free to share sportsYou with coaches, spouses and others involved in sports to introduce them to the many benefits and the tremendous time savings provided by sportsYou.

Get started with your own team or group through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. To learn more go to