Here We Go with God

Here We Go—With God

The season is upon us. We’re buckled up and ready to roll. And I can’t help thinking about the story a friend of ours told us the other night. He was driving to visit our house for the first time. 

“It was a dark, country highway,” he began. “I was riding along at a pretty brisk clip.  The road seemed fairly straightforward, with zero cause for concern. 

‘Until it wasn’t. Until I hit a bump and went airborne, headlights pointed skyward, road falling away….

‘All I could do was pray and proclaim, “HERE WE GO!”

My friend’s story feels like the perfect metaphor for each and every football season. 

We coaches’ wives strap ourselves in and get ready for the ride of our lives. Most of us have ridden the roller coaster before.  And those of us who haven’t — we try to help them out. We give advice, helpful hints, sanity savers…  

We think we’re ready for anything. 

We meal prep and mentally prep and layout kids’ clothes for the week. We load our game bags and our wine cabinets. We organize our schedules on Google calendar to share with our coach. We even set reminders. Lots and lots and lots of reminders. Daily, hourly, minute-by-minute reminders. 

But no matter how many times we’ve ridden this particular ride, at some point we hit a wall. No matter how prepared we think we are, no matter how many shared calendars and frozen dinners and meditation breathers and bottles of wine, something will go wrong. Something always goes wrong. 

Some unknown, unpredictable speed bump will come out of nowhere and send us airborne. Our eyes will turn skyward, the road will fall away, and we’ll have to pray and proclaim, “HERE WE GO!!!” 

It never fails.

But neither does God if we call out for help… because it’s not up to us to be in total control. That belongs to God. 

Because he never fails.

Life is hard. And the football life is harder than hard.

But football wives can do hard things… With our best-laid plans and God in control, we can do harder than hard things. We can do this football life. Here we go…with God!