Thirty-ish years ago, I was born to a coach and a kindergarten teacher in a West Texas town strikingly similar to Dillon, TX (if you haven’t binge watched Friday Night Lights, head back over here in a couple o’ days when you’ve completed all five seasons on little to no sleep. You’re welcome). Then, fresh out of college, I accidentally married a coach.

I have known very little other than the life of a coaching family. There’s a lot in this world I don’t understand, but this lifestyle is one thing I do.

Friday Night Wives was born out of a need, really. I had been writing on my own blog for a while but soon realized there was nothing out there for us.

We had moved every year of our marriage (as we tend to be a transient people, I know we might have that in common), and with every move, it took more and more effort to leave the house. So I started dreaming of creating a virtual network of coaches’ wives that would relieve some of the anxiety — a place to meet and “know” wives from all over — a place we can reach out and find friendship before even arriving at our new home. But mostly, a source of encouragement, support, and community.

This will not be a place where we glorify the coach’s wife lifestyle. One thing is for certain: this one role is not our identity or our foundation.

However, we get something about one another. A fellow coach’s wife understands some things others might not. Like, how often you get a phone call from your husband saying, “Hey babe, eight of my guys are coming over for dinner in about an hour.”

It is hard. But it’s also so good.

I want this to be a place that helps you feel a little less alone, even after your fourth move to who-the-heck-knew-this-place-even-existed. Maybe we’ll never get to meet at a Taco Bueno after a [insert sport here] game or for coffee after school drop-off to hash out the struggles of the current season. A girl can dream.

But we can make this our own little corner of the internet where we admit that this crap is exhilarating, rewarding, sweet, and hard.

With that being said, we would love for you to join our Facebook group. This is FNW Central for prayer requests, stories, and updates. If that’s not your jam, follow all our other social accounts to make this community part of your community. 🙂

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  1. Melissa Landin says:

    Thank you. A friend sent this to me this morning. I would love to contribute. I’m a coach’s wife. I needed to come across this today.

  2. Lauren Wilson says:

    Hi! I am apart of the Tomball Cougars “Friday night wives”. We all fell in love with the light grey quarter zip jacket with the FNW logo and when I came back to order 2 days later, they werent on the site. Any idea when they will be back or if they will? I wanted to get one for each of the wives for their birthdays.

    • Found my way here through a Facebook share of your article on why we are losing good coaches and educators. You nailed it. I have been out of coaching now for about as long as I was in it, (13 years) and I miss it every day. Just want to add that the role of a coaches wife is tough, but my wife made it possible for me to chase my dreams for many years. You all are special humans and never forget how much we appreciate all you do for all our kids, blood related and team related.

  3. Alta Stromeyer says:

    I LOVE the be kind or be quiet shirt. I bought one. But, my coach is Soccer, which is a winter sport in Texas. Any thoughts of doing it on a sweatshirt? Maybe with the logo on the front since it would be worn under about a 1000 layers of cold gear?

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