How to Be A Coach's Wife

How to Be A Coach’s Wife

Here is a how-to guide to being a coach’s wife:

  • Have snacks and extra change for the concession stand.
  • Bring toys, crayons, and extra clothing for kids to the games.
  • DO sit with other coaches’ wives so kids can entertain each other.
  • DO bring sunscreen.
  • Strollers or baby carriers are your friend with little ones.
  • Bring blankets for kids and pajamas in case they fall asleep.
  • Bring each kid their own water bottle.
  • Take frequent potty breaks and walk around to stretch.
  • DO take your kids on the field after the game if you can to see their coach.
  • Bring something soft to sit on whether it’s a seat or a blanket ( Because let’s be honest, those bleachers can make for sore bums).
  • Give yourself grace. Game days are hectic, especially with kids. Do your best to make it fun for them even though their routine is off.
  • DO send kids to the field house with your coach, if able, to give yourself a break sometimes. Trust me, they will enjoy hanging out with other coaches’ kids.
  • DO make time sometimes for just you and your coach. I know this is challenging, especially during football season, but being intentional keeps your marriage strong.
  • Y’all, there is some organic macaroni that you can buy at HEB for less than $1.00. Your kids will love it and you will sleep better at night serving it to them instead of the regular macaroni.
  • Rotisserie chickens are awesome and healthy, especially during football season, and the leftovers can be used in other recipes.
  • Pre-cut apples and fruit are awesome for families on the go.
  • Sometimes, you will have to say no during football season. Don’t spread yourself too thin in what is already a busy time.
  • Wear comfy shoes to the game and be decked out in team colors! It gives you the opportunity for cute photo opportunities with your kids and your coach.
  • Most importantly, know that as a coach’s wife, you are making a difference!