I felt forgotten, invisible even. But then I remembered this.

Sometimes I feel forgotten. Invisible even.

As a coach’s wife, there’s so much work to do behind the scenes. This is hard for me as I’m naturally more of a leader who enjoys the limelight. The laundry, the food prep, the running the kids around … all alone.

There is no glory in staying up late to be sure Coach’s game day clothes are clean and ready to go.

No one sees the tears that fill my eyes when I get a text saying Coach will be later than he thought.

I sit in the stands and cheer with the rest of the fans as I keep our little ones warm and entertained.

I walk through the crowds on Friday nights not knowing who even likes us that week. Regardless, I’m there, no matter how crazy the week, to cheer for the love of my life and show him how much I believe in him. But then they lose, and Coach is in no mood to talk or ask about my day or thank me for working so hard to get everyone there. Or, even worse, he has a great win, then spends the rest of the night celebrating with coaches and the community while I go back home and tuck the kids in bed…all alone.

Some days I feel so dispensable, it hurts.

But then Christmas season is here, the Christmas carols are playing in every store, and I am reminded of one thing: Christ didn’t forget me. See, God formed the heavens and the earth and Adam and Eve and He was with them and walked with them and made food and plants and water and animals for them. And then they sinned and broke His heart. And He was gone. And He could have stayed away.

But from the very beginning, God had a plan. He was making a way to rescue us. And in the quiet of the night, under the rule of an evil leader in a little lowly town, He came.

You guys, the King of the world was born in the midst of dirt and hay and animal poop; He was born into a world full of pain and hurt and hate. Because He knew. He knew me and how much I needed him. He was quiet for years, but He didn’t forget me.

Sometimes I wonder if God has a special place in His heart for coaches’ wives. Knowing full well how forgotten and lonely we would feel at times, maybe God’s story of redemption and rescue was meant to speak especially to our hearts. Because He knew we would feel so lonely. He knew we would grow weary and insignificant and left behind sometimes, and He was prepared all along to hold us close, see us, and whisper to our souls, “I see you, girl. I came for you. You are unforgettable.