let go confessions of a fired coach's wife

Let Go: Confessions of a Wife Burned and Scarred by the Coaching Life

He dedicates a majority of his time to the school, the kids, the practice plans, the organization of making sure that all the supplies and everything is in order for the game. 

He comes home and the kids are in bed, you have already put the house to sleep, his dinner’s in the fridge. He gets to heat up another dinner, you catch him up on the kids through text message or email.

All of the things that are normal when in the realm of being a family of a coach work like clockwork usually because there is a wife and a family that is behind that coach. This schedule, commitment, and part of life is something that grows to be part of your family.

The players become your kids, the coach’s office becomes your meeting spot where sometimes you have a picnic, games and competitions become your source of entertainment as well as your kid’s play dates, concessions become a staple, and you learn to keep your house stocked with food because you never know who will end up at your house. 

What happens when all of this is ripped from you?

You see I never thought the small town we landed in would end up being a place where we had to worry about the politics of coaching. We were wrong.

I learned 100% that pointing fingers doesn’t help the hurt. You don’t get to go around and bad mouth people.

The hurt of losing, the games, the atmosphere, the love for being a coach’s wife, the family outings to the games, the sight of your kids watching their dad do what he LOVES, it feels like the rug has been swiped out from under you. 

Only certain people will get this feeling, and if you are one of them I am TRULY sorry, and if you haven’t felt this, I from the bottom of my heart hope you don’t ever have to.

I wish that I could find some way to put some kind of humor in this, but honestly I can’t and frankly the words, “We are going in a different direction,” kind of left a scar on my heart. 

You can move, you can stay—but the fact is, when you and your family are so invested in loving something so wholeheartedly, there’s always a part of you that wonders what you could have done differently.

But the truth is you open your heart and love, and keep on loving because that’s what we coaches’ wives do. We Love.