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When This Life Makes You Feel Lonely and Insufficient, Remember This Truth

Spring break for me has consisted of six game days in a row with practices mixed in between and a lot of time juggling the home, our kiddos, game days, looking at the piles of what needs to be done, and beginning to feel alone, not enough, and like the weight of the world is on my shoulders.

My infant needs more than I can give, my big boys are defying me (knowing that time to discipline well is limited), and my home just continues to look like a bomb went off as I have to choose what’s most important.

But as I begin to break down and cry out to my God, I’m reminded of this truth:

I am not alone.

I have a Savior who died to have a relationship with me so His Holy Spirit can abide in my heart so that I have access to Him at all times.

I have Someone in my heart who hears my every cry and even the thoughts and feelings I cannot put words to.

I have Someone in my mind who can speak truth and drown out the lies so that they can’t take root.

I have Someone in my corner who has gone before me.

And I’m reminded, this is a ministry. My husband’s job is a ministry to players, to families, and to our boys. He shows boys (our own and those he coaches) what integrity is, what character looks like when things get really hard, what loving others as more than yourself looks like.

As a family, we get to love players as family, to care genuinely and deeply about them and their futures, to love their families (even when it is hard and we don’t agree).

It’s a ministry for my husband to show our boys that his life is a calling that is about more than money and fame and that the hours he spends away from them are not in vain but are building relationships that my boys continue to build on.

My boys see that loving others and pouring ourselves out for them is what God has called us to and we get to live that out.

And as I remember all of this, I remember God has called ME to something great.

I get to have an impact on and raise the next generation as I walk alongside my husband and do life and ministry with him, even if some weeks it is in the shadows.

I remember that I am making an eternal impact on our children even when it feels like I am failing and not enough.

Because the truth is that my God took two fish and five loaves and fed thousands. He can take what I have and make it more than I ever could.

So, in the weary moments, I can rest in Him and in truth and not in my feelings.

Press on and do not grow weary in doing good for our God is doing something that even if we were told we would not believe!