Life of a Coach's Wife: A Poem

Life of a Coach’s Wife: A Poem

There once was a coach’s wife,

Who balanced sippy cups, diapers, and a stroller in one hand,

While cheering in the stands,

With songs being played by the band.

Oh no, a child needs to pee,

While children run around wild and free.

A coach’s wife chases her kids,

While trying to find cup lids.


Toys, and snacks galore,

Can sometimes feel like a chore.

On Friday nights we come to cheer,

The football players and coaches in hopes that they hear.

Hoping they hear whether they win or lose,

This is our team that we choose.

We choose to support our football teams,

While joining in with them on everything life brings.

For life brings ups and downs,

But one of the best gifts are the friends and family to be found.

To some, it’s just Friday night lights,

But, to others, it is night after night.


Night after night of meetings,

And late night feedings.


Concession stand snacks,

And coach’s wife hacks.

Long nights under the stars,

With pajamas being put on before hopping in cars.


To some, this life sounds crazy,

While the skies grow hazy.

But, to a coach’s wife,

This is life!


This is the life full of friends made and dreams made.

With coaches and players fighting for a win,

This is where it begins.


It begins on the field but it is so much more,

So much more than you have ever dreamt of before.


You, see, coaches wives become lifelong friends,

Their friendships never end.

Behind all the lights and late nights,

Is a lasting bond between the coaches and the coaches wives,

Of which they grow quite fond.

We have chosen this life to make the world a better place,

To put a smile on your face.

Games aren’t just games and practices aren’t just practices.

It’s the relationships, the memories, and the connections made.


Who would have thought,

That one night could amount up to a lot.

A lot of chasing girls and boys,

Among all the football noise,

Would become such an awesome life,

Especially for the coach’s wife.