Preparing My Heart and Home for the Season

Can you feel it in the air? Can you smell it on the dirty clothes in your laundry room? Can you hear it in the talk around town? Football season is here!

Before you know it training camp will be here, two-a-days, scrimmages; then the lights will flip on, the crowd will cheer, the team will run out and you’ll see your man put on his headset with a tightness in your stomach, praying you walk away in 3 hours with a win.

Right now, it’s just a couple of hours every morning or afternoon. Right now, your husband is still home every night for dinner and helps bathe and put the kids to bed. Right now, he’s not watching film every waking second. Right now, he’s not consumed with who the next team up is or if his starting QB has recovered from the hard hit last Friday night.

Right now, he’s still yours. But right now is almost up. Your codependent relationship time is almost over. So, right now, it’s time to do your season prep. 

Still have a few things on that “Honey Do List”? Time to finish it.

Need to pay a visit to friends or family that don’t live nearby? Time to go.

Wanting to have a fun “staycation day” with your kids? Time to have it.

Need a few things fixed around the house?  Time to break out the tools.

Get the oil changed and vehicles serviced (you don’t want to break down on the side of the road during practice, because sister, you’ll be sitting there for a while). This is your time to get things done that require your husband’s help/input . . . or just things you want him to deal with before you have to deal with everything! Summer is almost over which means solo time is on the horizon, and it’ll be another five months before you have your partner back.

It’s Time to Prepare Your Heart and Home for the Season Crazyness

Plan a special date night.

Just a couple of nights before training camp starts. Shut the world away for a few hours and just have quality time with your coach. Now is also the time to settle any grievances. The season is stressful enough and arguments are going to bubble up, but it’ll be easier to deal with if you go into the season on the same team!

If you don’t have a planner, buy one!

Before the season starts make notes of everything going on: each game, who they play and if it’s home or away, special events, fundraisers, birthdays, doctors appointments, bill due dates, etc. Having everything in a planner helps you keep your house and again, your SANITY, running smoothly while your juggling everything alone. I would be lost without my planner!

Get to know the players.

It’s easy to get aggravated when your husband is spending exponentially more time with his football kids than your own. But when you know the kids he’s with, it helps. Remember that not only is he coaching them to win the game, but he is also helping to mold young men and positively influence their life, and sometimes your husband is the only positive influence in their life. So, on the nights when you’re at your wits end and hiding in the bathroom from your screaming kids, just remember he’s spending time with a young man who may not have anyone to go home to.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

You’re going to get overwhelmed and exhausted. It’s just a fact. In those times don’t be shy to ask for help. If that means sending your little off to a weekend with the grandparents, hiring a babysitter to keep the kids while you go to the game (so you can actually watch it!), hiring a housekeeper, whatever it may be…YOU DESERVE IT!

Get to know the other wives.

No one truly gets it until you live it. Befriend the other wives and support one another. I don’t know what I would do without my “sister” coaches’ wives! I have several friends who are truly lifelong friends all because we bonded over a football season or two. We don’t always text or talk, but during the season we hold each other up. Find your coach’s wife tribe and love them hard!

It’s going to feel like the season lasts forever at moments, but believe me, we’ll look up and it’ll be January. Then you’ll be wishing your other child, AKA husband, was back in the office!

Good luck, wives. The season is here and we’ve got this!


  1. Laura @ The Turquoise Home says:

    So good!! Love this! After 10 seasons, I found myself nodding along about the honey-do list and the projects. Get ’em done now! And the planner. Girl, I would be lost without my planner!! I also have gotten good at asking for help. (Thank goodness!!) I was getting ready to comment, and then realized the author lives in Huntsville, like me!! So hey, Lauren! From another couch’s wife/blogger in Huntsville, Alabama! ?

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