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Courage for Kristee Collection

In December of 2019, our sweet friend Kristee headed to the OB-GYN with her husband, Jody, to hear their fourth baby’s heartbeat for the very first time. At that same appointment, her doctor confirmed her recent biopsy results: aggressive Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma was found in her neck.

For the next several months, Kristee would fight to keep that growing baby healthy, fight to stay present for her three precious (and hilarious) boys at home, and fight off the cancer with aggressive chemo treatments.

When the lump on her neck returned a few weeks later, doctors decided to go ahead with an emergency c-section so that Kristee could begin radiation.

So on June 26, Kristee delivered her first girl, Scottie Grace, six weeks early and 5 pounds 7 ounces. Twelve days later, Scottie came home from the NICU and Kristee began fighting the cancer with a new fervor beginning with five weeks of radiation, all while nursing that sweet baby girl.

A few weeks ago, Kristee’s latest scans showed the lymphoma spread to several different spots throughout her body. Her next best plan of treatment is Car-T Cell Therapy, a viable option for complete healing and remission but one that will be physically depleting.

If you know Kristee, you know she is one of the kindest, strongest, most joyful people on the planet. She and Jody continue to walk this journey faithfully and the amount of people who continue to love and support them is a testament to the way they have loved others so well. We don’t offer our love and help because she “deserves” it, buuuut if anyone does … it’s her. 🙂

We know so many of you are wanting to help in some capacity. We hope this little shop offers a tangible, simple way to show your support and love for her—to remind her she is not alone in her fight. Every item sold will be a physical symbol of the thousands of friends (and even strangers) who are standing together, encouraging her and loving her and her family as she continues this fight.

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