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31 Days of Prayer for the Coach’s Wife—Extended Version (Paperback)

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Start your season out by laying down your marriage at the feet of Jesus. These prayers are written to cover every aspect of the coming busy season: our need for patience, endurance, steadfastness, and selflessness. They are compiled into a hardback or paperback.

This extended version includes daily scripture and reflections.

Click through the images to preview the first two days of prayers.

From the intro:

Dear Coach’s Wife,

When I finished the first round of these prayers, I had a lingering feeling that readers were getting way too much of me and my words. There was something missing.

Now, prayer is crazy powerful. God listens to and adores even the most awkward of prayers.

But man, what a gift to have a roadmap during a winding, rocky journey. Scripture provides that guidance. It grounds us, gives us direction, and fills us with a Godly wisdom (a wisdom that is much MUCH better than mine).

Most of the time, if I’m being totally honest, time in scripture feels hard to come by during these months. It’s the first thing to go when schedules are hectic, but it’s also the thing I desperately need the most.

My prayers are my heart to God. But these scriptures are God’s heart to you. I hope you can feel it beating for you each day as you follow along.

May God bless you and your marriage these next thirty-one days,



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