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When the Next General Calls: Following My Coach to the Ends of the Earth

Heading east on I-40, somewhere between Shawnee and Checotah, the man to whom I had given my heart and my word—“where you go, I will go”— reached across the front seat of our blue 1991 Pontiac Sunbird, placed his hand on my thigh, and uttered these words, “Thanks, Babe. People get divorced over stuff like this. I should have talked to you first. I love you.”

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So You Married a Coach—a Note to the Newlywed Coach’s Wife

The days are long. The time together is short. The frustration is hard. It becomes easy to wonder where you fit in anymore, but I promise, you do. Your support allows him to follow his calling. He wishes he could be home more too, but to give these boys 100% it requires more of your coach than anyone imagines.

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Dear Husband, This Is What I Need From You This Season

There will be times that you may not fully understand my struggles. There will be times when the crazy feels too overwhelming. There will be times when you may not show us your love as well as I’d hoped, and vice versa. There will be times when you may feel like you aren’t giving your all. But the beauty of this is that good teammates don’t ever give up on each other.

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10 Tips for Young Kids Dealing with Separation Anxiety During the Season

Create a prayer calendar with pictures of your husband's players.
On each day, put a picture of one of his players and make it part of your bedtime routine to pray over that player. Your kids will take ownership of praying over them, get to know them by name, and feel like they are a part of daddy's job.

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So God Made a Coach’s Wife

He knew many wouldn't understand the importance of his world, that this life was so much more than blowing whistles and running sprints and charting plays, so much more than a game. He knew he would need someone who got it, who understood that this was a mission field, plain and simple.

So God made a coach's wife.

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You Are More Than Just a Coach’s Wife

My husband left this morning at 5 am, and I don’t expect him back until 9:30 tonight.

It’s here. The season of long hours and long weeks, visits to practices and field houses, losing tupperware and losing utensils and losing my patience.

Football season is upon us, wives, but I have something to tell you.

You are more than just a coach’s wife.

It’s easy to feel like your very life is revolving around that one role of coach’s wife. Since, in his absence, you maintain the world he is leaving behind: the kids, the laundry, the bills, the house.

And in his presence, you participate in the world he’s bringing home: watching film, feeding players, supporting from the stands on what feels like every night of the week.

But you are more than just a coach’s wife.

That is not the title that defines you. Your identity is not found in it and your life is not completed by it.

You will read lots of articles in the coming weeks about the difficulty of being a coach’s wife. And you’ll be tempted to join into pity parties with other coach’s wives about never seeing your husband.

And it IS hard. And we ARE working overtime. And we ARE exhausted.

But we are not just coaches’ wives.

We are mothers, teachers, doctors, speech therapists, counselors, ministers, nurses.

And we are daughters of a Most High King.

A God who tells us we are working for Him and not for man. We are racing after a Heavenly reward, not an earthly one. We are cooking, cleaning, baking, supporting, bolstering, and sharing our lives with 100 teenage boys because we believe our lives are part of a greater calling, one that is not defined by wins or losses or even effort.

But by a loving, gracious God who gives us what we need in every season. Even football season.

He sees you and calls you by name. And he doesn’t call you Coach’s Wife.

He calls you Beloved.