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THIS is Why They’re Gone All the Time

What I do know is there will be many more days filled with tears as we drive away from the field. There will be many more missed moments and milestones that have to be sent to our coach via video. And there will be more days where 40 minutes is all we can get. But there will be many more  ...

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Win or Lose, We Are Still Us

So when the final buzzer sounds and I make my way onto the field to give my husband a kiss and a hug, no matter the outcome I whisper in his ear, “Win or Lose, We Are Still Us,” and he hugs me a little tighter each time, his way of thanking me for keeping us grounded in this all important truth.

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So God Made a Coach’s Wife

He knew many wouldn't understand the importance of his world, that this life was so much more than blowing whistles and running sprints and charting plays, so much more than a game. He knew he would need someone who got it, who understood that this was a mission field, plain and simple. So  ...

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Save Your “No” For When It Matters

My husband began his career as a large high school’s Athletic Trainer and now serves as a middle school Athletic Coordinator. The high school in his cluster has many responsibilities given to their middle school coaches, including scouting trips, sideline responsibilities, game filming  ...

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Video: So God Made a Coach’s Wife

Then he said, “Man is not good alone. Especially this one.” Jordan HarrellJordan acts as editor and founder of Friday Night Wives, which means she sits on her couch in her pajamas a lot. She accidentally became a coach’s wife when her husband switched careers while she was  ...

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