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The Comparison Game

I kept trying to find the right combination of circumstances to make life feel and look as adventurous as those around me, but I didn’t have the same ingredients. Comparison led me to self-pity, and my pity parties were legendary.

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THIS is Why They’re Gone All the Time

What I do know is there will be many more days filled with tears as we drive away from the field. There will be many more missed moments and milestones that have to be sent to our coach via video. And there will be more days where 40 minutes is all we can get. But there will be many more  ...

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When You Just Don’t Fit In

As another season is upon us, many couples are working out their roles in a new staff or, like us, have experienced a change in family dynamic (thank God our babies were actually born in the off-season). To the head coaches and their wives: I beg of you to consider your staff. Each member.

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The Reach: A Bible Study for Coaches’ Wives

If you are looking for a way to branch out and meet other coaches’ wives in your area, The Reach would be a great place to start. Coaches Outreach, a ministry which has been facilitating bible studies for coaches on their campuses for decades, started this new ministry last year to help  ...

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