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Simone Biles Makes it Clear for All Athletes: Mental Health Matters More than Gold Medals

So Simone, Naomi, Michael—you are so much more than phenomenal athletes. We see you for what you are: human beings. And we promise you, you are worthy of love and appreciation with or without a gold medal, with or without sports.

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This Season, I Couldn’t Be a Good Coach’s Wife. And That’s Okay.

After a year of heartbreak, I went into this season emotionally and physically drained. I was working full time and trying to expand our family and I had reached my limit. I had nothing to give to football season. I did not want to socialize or cheer; I didn’t want to answer questions about how we were doing because, honestly, it wasn’t good.

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You Will Never Be the Perfect Coach’s Wife

God equipped you with certain gifts, attributes, and skills to be your husband's wife, to balance him out, to meet his needs. He did not give you these gifts to impress anyone or one-up anyone or show off to anyone, but to serve others well in His name. 
And maybe that means dressing up for practice. Or maybe that means just showing up looking like a hot mess so he can see the kids for a few minutes.

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