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Dear Athlete, As the Season Ends, Know This

The season ends and results are tallied. Maybe you have achieved your goals, maybe not. It is over, so now what? Were you who they expected you to be? Did you make yourself and others proud? The focus has already shifted toward the players for next season so did this one really matter? Yes,  ...

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Dear Players, You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are

You get the best of the man who loves the game, but cares about your character more. While most of the world sees you as wins and loses and what you did right and what you messed up, he sees the man you can become. He sees your strengths, but he also takes the time to help you improve your  ...

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The Comparison Game

I kept trying to find the right combination of circumstances to make life feel and look as adventurous as those around me, but I didn’t have the same ingredients. Comparison led me to self-pity, and my pity parties were legendary.

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To the Young Mama in the Middle of the Season

It’s the middle of the season. The excitement and novelty of a new season and new team has died down. We’re not yet to the playoffs when the whole town is vibrating with pride and bleeding school colors. District games are underway and tensions are high with so many must-win games  ...

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