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Coaches’ Wives, We Are Not Single Moms

As awkward as that moment was, it was a reality check. Even though the season severely limits my husband’s time with our children, I am not a single parent. My friend reminded me it is worth the extra work to include Ordell in as many parenting decisions as possible even in the height of the  ...

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THIS is Why They’re Gone All the Time

What I do know is there will be many more days filled with tears as we drive away from the field. There will be many more missed moments and milestones that have to be sent to our coach via video. And there will be more days where 40 minutes is all we can get. But there will be many more  ...

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Why I Will Never Be a Football Widow

Today is my husband’s first day of football camp, and I cannot help but get so excited thinking about this upcoming season. It is so easy for us to get wrapped up in the excitement of the beginning of the season, as we anxiously await the first game day. However, as coaches’ wives,  ...

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Dear Husband, You’re Worth It

So I will take the hard because it means we haven’t given up; we’re still in the fight, still hanging on. It’s what gives us depth and makes the good times feel so good, the peaks feel so dang high. I’ll take it because I know whatever follows it will be worth it. Because you, my love, will  ...

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Dear Husband, Our Love Has Changed

This love is not always exciting. It’s not always easy. It’s not always eager. It’s never effortless. But maybe focusing on what it isn’t, is missing the point. Because maybe what it IS, is better than all of those things. It’s refining. It’s sanctifying. It’s life-altering and  ...

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So God Made a Coach’s Wife

He knew many wouldn't understand the importance of his world, that this life was so much more than blowing whistles and running sprints and charting plays, so much more than a game. He knew he would need someone who got it, who understood that this was a mission field, plain and simple. So  ...

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