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Save Your “No” For When It Matters

My husband began his career as a large high school’s Athletic Trainer and now serves as a middle school Athletic Coordinator. The high school in his cluster has many responsibilities given to their middle school coaches, including scouting trips, sideline responsibilities, game filming  ...

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You Are More Than Just a Coach’s Wife

My husband left this morning at 5 am, and I don’t expect him back until 9:30 tonight. It’s here. The season of long hours and long weeks, visits to practices and field houses, losing tupperware and losing utensils and losing my patience. Football season is upon us, wives, but I have  ...

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eBook: 31 Days of Prayer for Your Marriage

A few years ago, Clark and I hit what some might call a rough patch. And by rough patch, I mean a whole field full of 30-grit sandpaper. We were dealing with some really big, really ugly stuff that forced us to man-up pretty quickly and start taking responsibility for our crap, not to mention  ...

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