The Reach: A Bible Study for Coaches’ Wives

If you are looking for a way to branch out and meet other coaches’ wives in your area, The Reach would be a great place to start. Coaches Outreach, a ministry which has been facilitating bible studies for coaches on their campuses for decades, started this new ministry last year to help coaches’ wives connect through the challenges of being a coach’s wife and the truth of God’s word.

From the website:

The Reach is a network of coaches’ wives formed geographically and meeting monthly (Sept, Oct, Nov, Feb, Mar, Apr). Each small group coordinates their own meeting time and place based on the schedules of their members. A monthly “Overview” is emailed to each participant on the 1st day of the meeting month. It requires no homework or prep, and is strategically designed to create healthy, meaningful discussions concerning the challenges of being a coach’s wife. Filtering these challenges through Scripture, while hearing from other wives in the group, produces genuine friendships based on commonality, trust, and the truth of God’s Word.

We currently have over 530 wives meeting in Texas and throughout several other states. For more information about bringing The Reach to your area, or joining one of our existing groups, please contact Anne Ryon.

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