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To All the Sideline Critics, From the Football Coach’s Wife

To the fans and parents questioning the play call, the line up, the coaches’ knowledge, a few thoughts on what the coaches’ do all week long.

Our husbands/coaches are trying to make sure these players have food everyday. Many of them don’t have food at home.

Our husbands/coaches are making sure your child is passing their classes. They are trying to teach the importance of academics, checking with teachers, enforcing tutoring, etc.

Our husbands/coaches are making sure your child gets to school and home again … because no one is waking up on time or there to give them rides.

Our husband/coaches are PRAYING and worried over your son or daughter because many are homeless, or their parents are not living, in jail, or unable to support them.

Our husbands/coaches are trying to teach your child morals, values, and integrity. Where many have no male figure in their home, these men step up.

Our husbands/coaches are trying to teach them about adversity, how to handle success and setbacks, teamwork, humility, responsibility, selflessness, body language, to overcome the mental game, and more.

Our husbands/coaches assist when your son is struggling with a loss of a teammate, family member, or coach as so many have experienced this year, and more.

Our husbands/coaches are the “straight line recruiting” men for your son to play college ball.

And as much as I would sometimes like a headset or a half-time conference, I am the coach’s wife, you are the parent … and HE is the coach. Just like on a team, know your role.

And finally:

Our husbands/coaches spend more time with your child during the day than you do.

Our husbands/coaches spend more time with your child than their OWN children.

If I were you, I would try supporting these men who give their energy, time, passion and love to your children … using a sport as a tool to prepare them for life. Especially when your son is with the coach more than you.

Get to know them and how you can help, get to know their families sitting next to you in the stands. I’m sorry if they make a play call you disagree with; they have quite a bit on their plate.

A coach can be a God-given gift to your family and child! As your child is to him! Thank a coach and support them!

(And if you still know more than the coach, apply for a coaching job. Coaches are leaving the profession due to the lack of parent support all the time. Make sure you have a teaching degree and plan to work seven days a week, early mornings, late nights, have your daily performance of teenagers critiqued by the community publicly and to raise 100+ boys! But, this house wouldn’t trade it! ❤️🏈 ).


A coach’s wife of almost 12 years, a coach’s kid all 39 years of her life, and a coach herself for 18 years, who has a 4- and 7-year-old at all the events listening to you in the stands

  1. jstephenw

    October 21, 2019 at 11:54 pm

    Thank you for your honesty and wisdom. Do not know why we call it “common sense” when very few people have it. God bless you and your family.

  2. Christopher D.Hendricks

    October 24, 2019 at 12:49 pm

    SO TRUE!!! I have coached football for 30 years I wouldn’t trade it for anything….Thank you for your support hopefully this article will go viral…..None of the coaches i have worked with over the years have ever asked for something as little as a thank you for all you do…. We don’t coach for that reason we coach because we love the game and most importantly we coach because we love the player coach relationship more… I have retired from coaching last year to be able to see my last childs games in person and be present for him…I missed out on my older two but it was well worth it…. Just last night my youngest son asked me if i was going to coach again…. I asked why.he said because i want you to… if that doesn’t tell you something I don’t know what will…… Thanks Again,,,,,Coach Hendricks

  3. Alana

    October 28, 2019 at 2:07 pm

    Great article until your verbiage became aggressive. Never tell a parent “know your place” or “coaches spend more time with your child than you do”. It might be the truth in some cases, but in others it might come across as an angry coaches wife who is just upset that her husband spends 7 days a week doing something he loves instead of being home with the family he created. Also coaches wives can be the most negative, unapproachable people in an organization and that will deter anyone from fully embracing them. Yes coaches are quitting every year but so are families due to the issues in an organization. And if the players aren’t there, then there is no team to coach.

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