To the Wife of Many Sports

To the Wife of Many Sports 

When you walked down the aisle that hot summer day, your thoughts were of the impossibly handsome man standing in front of you, certainly not of the demands of baseball season breathing down your neck while the football hat still hangs on the banister. Exhausted, lonely, tired- the wife of a coach of many sports.

The never-ending season crept up on you with no warning, didn’t it? That first year was glittery in the distance until one sport turned into two, doubling the slick pullovers and other coaching gear until your small closet is bursting with the scent of tide covering the sweat smell you cannot seem to get out. Weighing heavier on your mind than gear is the parents. The ones you JUST finished the season with, finally free of the snide comments and remarks that grated on your nerves.

Thoughts of being back in the stands make your stomach churn, doesn’t it? You wonder how there seems to be less time in every day while you try to do everything that has been added to your plate since coach has to coach both sports for a couple of weeks.

You love your husband, and you love these teams more than anything, I know. I am here with you, sister. There is nowhere I would rather be than cheering on the team in the bleachers, but I am tired.

I look at friends whose husbands work 9-5 and wonder what it’s like to be able to buy groceries without them all going bad because you were at a game too late to fix dinner. It sometimes feels like there is no winning.

But Mrs. Coach, I must tell you something. The work you are BOTH doing is good and it is important. Coach is doubling down on the making of good men, and the doubling down is going to hurt, but boy is it going to produce diamonds.

Shiny, beautiful diamonds in the form of kind, respectful, hard-working men in a generation that so desperately needs these stand out examples. And your support is what makes it all happen.

Mrs, Coach, you make the world go around. From making sure the Friday night outfits are ready and cheering in the stands, to the late-night film discussions. I see you buying Gatorades for kids and giving those without a parent in the stands extra encouragement.

The wife of many seasons is a difficult and blessed position. You are capable, seen, important, and loved. Take care of yourself because they couldn’t do it without you. 

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  1. Morgan says:

    Lord, yes. I know there are much more dangerous jobs our husbands could have. I’m lucky I don’t have to send mine to a job where I worry if he’ll come back, or that I know where he is. Life is hard, marriage is hard, and let’s be real it can be downright exhausting. Just hearing someone else acknowledge it, and say “I see you” is really all you need. So thank you, for seeing me.

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