Friday Feature: Courtney Hubbard

Friday Feature: Courtney Hubbard

This is year 19 as a coach’s wife. My husband is the Defensive Coordinator for football and Head Coach for baseball at Callaway High School in Georgia. We have a 17 year old and a 12 year old son. I teach at one of the local elementary schools. We have been fortunate to be at Callaway for 19 years, which is my husband’s Alma Mater (after a name change). The coach’s wife lifestyle isn’t an easy one, but I love it!

What is your favorite part of this lifestyle?
  • Being able to see how the young men my husband coaches have turned into amazing dads, husbands, and coaches.
What is your LEAST favorite part of this lifestyle?
  • When my husband has to miss out on a family function due to his coaching responsibilities.
What is one item you can't live without that makes this life easier?
  • Other coach’s wives…they are the only ones who truly understand you.
What is your go to concession stand order or must have snack?
  • Dr. Pepper and Skittles for football. Dr. Pepper and boiled peanuts for baseball.

What is the craziest thing you have survived due to this lifestyle?

  • My husband coaching our 17 year old on the baseball field. I remind my husband that I am a mom first, then a wife, if there is an issue.
What is one thing you would go back and tell your younger self?
  • Not to marry a coach…jk…soak it all in!
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