Friday Feature: Ashley Dean

Friday Feature: Ashley Dean

My name is Ashley and I’ve been married to my coach Cody Dean for 6.5 years, but have been apart of the coaching community for 8 years now. We are praying and believing for a child of our own. We currently live in Post, TX where my husband coaches football, head powerlifting, and track. I do IT work for eastern NM and west TX business.

What is your favorite part of this lifestyle?
  • Watching the kids interact with my husband, and watching how much they adore him.
What is your LEAST favorite part of this lifestyle?
  • My husband isn’t able to attend a lot of my work functions due to sports.
What is one item you can't live without that makes this life easier?
  • My car because I spend a lot of time driving all over.
What is your go to concession stand order or must have snack?
  • I stay away from the concession stand because I don’t want to have to go to the bathroom during the game.
What is the craziest thing you have survived due to this lifestyle?
  • Infertility appointments by myself or a squirrel falling through our ceiling while coach was at a scrimmage.
What is one thing you would go back and tell your younger self?
  • Lower you expectations of how this life will work, and then lower them even more. It’s SOOO WORTH IT THOUGH! Hang on tight!
Connect with Ashley on Instagram @themrsashleydean or on Facebook 
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