Friday Feature: Beth Walker

Friday Feature: Beth Walker

Beth Walker is a coach's wife, mom, and content manager. Her personal writing focuses on practical advice for other coaches’ wives and her faith. Her first book, Lessons from the Sidelines released with Cross Training Publishing in August of 2020. Beth has released several other books since then and continues to work on new projects you can find on Amazon! 

What is your favorite part of this lifestyle?

  • The rhythm of the seasons means something is always new.
What is your LEAST favorite part of this lifestyle?
  • The parents :/
What is one item you can't live without that makes this life easier?
  • My portable phone charger!
What is your go to concession stand order or must have snack?
  • Popcorn

What is the craziest thing you have survived due to this lifestyle?
  • Moving from IL to VA with a 5 and 7 year old and a water frog in a car packed to the gills.
What is one thing you would go back and tell your younger self?
  • Pace yourself and embrace the moments as they come.
Connect with Beth on Instagram @bw.alker or on Facebook Beth M. Walker

*As coach’s wives, we are used to being behind the scenes and out of the spotlight. But we are also the best at encouraging and supporting. So let us highlight you and help you build the best community ever!*

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