Friday Feature: Diana Garza

Friday Feature: Diana Garza

My name is Diana and I married an Athletic Trainer-Doc Garza! He covers sports year round at Lyford CISD and also spends time with the NBA-G-league Vipers during the season. I work at an Education Agency. And needless to say I’m his biggest fan and love supporting him and our teams year round! I love being there for him, his student Athletic Trainers, and all athletes. We love our coaching family and all my coaches wives! 💚💛

What is your favorite part of this lifestyle?

  • The awesome friendships we have made, and the opportunity to be a blessing to young athletes and students through our faith and dedication to this lifestyle.
What is your LEAST favorite part of this lifestyle?
  • I’m sure everyone can agree how time consuming this lifestyle is and how it keeps our hardworking men from special events and family.

What is one item you can't live without that makes this life easier?

  • My game day set: admission pass/stadium chair/my snacks! 
What is your go to concession stand order or must have snack?
  • Spicy chips and my water!
What is the craziest thing you have survived due to this lifestyle?
  • Crazy schedules.
What is one thing you would go back and tell your younger self?
  • I’m glad you learned football when you were younger because now you get to know what’s going on under those Friday night lights.


*As coach’s wives, we are used to being behind the scenes and out of the spotlight. But we are also the best at encouraging and supporting. So let us highlight you and help you build the best community ever!*

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