Friday Feature: Jocelyn Gonzales

Friday Feature: Jocelyn Gonzales

*Jocelyn was nominated by another coach's wife*
She is the head coach’s wife. Her and Coach G (aka known as Gonzo) have four girls. The oldest is a freshman in high school, the middle is a sixth grader, and the set of twins are in fifth grade. They met in college at Hardin-Simmons University where he played football and her on campus job was the secretary at the field house. They have been part of the coaching community for 18 years. Jocelyn is the epitome of a head coach’s wife. The sacrifices and unwavering support her and the girls make for others often times goes unnoticed. 
Jocelyn does a phenomenal job creating relationships and serves as a mentor to other coach’s wives/significant others, especially if their husband’s are new to coaching. Throughout the year, especially during season, Jocelyn leads the Coaches Outreach ministry for the wives to allow us to gather and to stay focused on keeping the Lord #1 in all we do. 
Jocelyn is a kindergarten teacher and wears many hats to serve others in that capacity as well.

What is her favorite part of this lifestyle?

  • I have so many things I love about this life we live, but here are a few. Watching my husband live out a calling that is so important in the world in which we live. Seeing him be to young men what saved him growing up. It was a high school football coach that turned him on a better path. Also, watching young men become leaders. Seeing God do in their lives what I have been praying over them is so rewarding. It builds my faith to see God answer prayers! Probably my most favorite part of this lifestyle is seeing these young men succeed later in life. A goal in our football program is to make these athletes strive to be better people. When I see their successes outside of high school football, I consider that a “wink’ from God and a charge to keep on keepin’ on.
What is her LEAST favorite part of this lifestyle?
  • You cannot focus too long on the cons of this lifestyle. There will always be hard things in anything we do. I have learned over the years that I can only control what I can control, and the rest I must trust that God is in control. But, if I had to pick my least favorite parts it would be the critics in the bleachers and the losses of games. I am my husband’s biggest fan and will go to bat for him always. Deep down I can be a little “rough around the edges” and have had to remember that God fights for him, I need to only be still and quiet. And the losses…well there is always growth in losses. Sometimes we just have to trust that God is working through those as well.
What is one item you can't live without that makes this life easier?
  • Community…through the years God has used godly community and our family to point us back to the cross repeatedly. There is a couple that meets us at the field every Sunday night after the staff has finished working and prays with us for the week ahead. It has turned into an opportunity for us to talk about and confront things that are heavy on our hearts and then hand them over to God. Without these people and or family, we would possibly not still be in this profession. Our relationships with others who care deeply for our family, make this life easier.
  • Our biggest worry when my husband got his first head coaching job was the staff. I would venture to say that a championship winning staff is hard to come by, as well as hard to keep. My husband and I started praying right away for a staff that loves Jesus, and loves kids. God has answered those prayers over the years and the group of coaches wives that I am around pushes me to be better. They know my "hood rat" tendencies and help me act accordingly! I write all of this down I have to say that if I didn't have them in the stands with me on Friday night, I would be pretty miserable at times. Our Coaching Family is an answer to many prayers. 
What is her go to concession stand order or must have snack?
  • Twizzlers, definitely Twizzlers. Although our biggest rival is red, and I have contemplated contacting the company to see if they would make Twizzlers the same flavor but in different colors!
What is the craziest thing she has survived due to this lifestyle?
  • The craziest/hardest thing we have survived was a departure from a previous school and at the same time having four babies in under four years, as well as being 6.5 hours away from family for help. Through this hard and crazy time, God changed my husband and me deeply. Prior to this, we were lukewarm Christians that had not ever really had to rely solely on Him for help. It is only by the goodness of God that a situation that should have ruined us was used to build us up. Refiners fire indeed. When your support system becomes your savior, God will intervene to remind us where our help comes from.
What is one thing she would go back and tell her younger self?
  • I would first remind myself that everything in front of me is a gift from God, and that I should leave it all in His hands. I would also say that wherever God takes you, you have an opportunity to build His kingdom. That includes my role in this life we live. Football is not just his ministry…it is mine too. Also, I would remind myself that it is okay to just sit back, relax, and enjoy the moment
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