10 Valentine Gift Ideas for Every Coach (and Every Budget)

10 Valentine Gift Ideas for Every Coach (and Every Budget)

If you're like me, Valentine’s Day just snuck up on ya. Here's a helpful hint, if you're an Amazon Prime member create a list for each other. My coach and I have a list of things we would love to be gifted when these holidays sneak up on us.

So here is what you're really after: WHAT’S ON HIS LIST?

Mophie Case and Wireless Charging Page 

My Coach and I swear by this case and charger. It is like having an extra battery attached to your phone. The charging pad charges both your phone and the built in battery on contact. It is pricey for a phone case, but if your coach is anything like mine and never puts the phone down, this gift is for him!

Meater, The Wireless Meat Thermometer 

If coach is a smoker or griller, he will love this gift. It is a wireless thermometer that connects to his phone via bluetooth and wifi. He can monitor his meat from 165 feet away. The corresponding app is free to download and compatible with apple and android. 

Leatherman Multi-Tool 

This one is pretty self-explanatory. If he doesn’t have one, get him one. I also suggest picking out one with a screwdriver. 

Car Organizer 

This is on my list, but I think it is a practical gift for most everyone. I especially like this one because it has space for a little bit of everything.

Beard Kit 

My coach ordered this kit for himself and loves it. It comes with everything and the products are great with an affordable price point. 

"That’s What She Said" Party Game 

Our coach group loves to get together and play games. One of the coaches was gifted this game and we played on New Year’s! It’s hilarious and easy to play. 

Outdoor Rocking Chair 

Coach will want this for dead week destinations! Great quality, portable and foldable.

Tile Essentials 

Is your coach constantly looking for his wallet and keys? Well, this will help! Tile is designed to help you find all your essentials items. Use the stickers to find remotes, the mate to find his keys, and the slim to find his wallet. Tiles connect to your phone via bluetooth and give you recent location if you are too far away. Can’t find your phone, use your Tiles to ring it! So easy to use and set-up!

Bowflex Dumbbells 

Super pricey, but highly recommended by lots of people! They have 15 different weight settings and lots of uses. Great for coaches who love to work out, but don’t have the space for those dumbbells!

Moccasin Slippers 

What’s awesome about this is that they are waterproof outsoles, so coach can wear his slippers outside to take out the garbage. They come in a variety of sizes and colors. 

** Some links above are affiliate links, which just means companies will kick back a few cents to thank us for spreading the word. But don't you worry—we won't recommend something unless we truly love it. **

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